You know you are an arts and crafts freak when…

You know when you are an arts and crafts freak when:

You are sitting on the toilet and instead of checking facebook or reading a product labels you are actually staring at the almost finished toilet paper roll wearing a huge smile while thinking about all its possible transformations;

You go to buy some new furniture at Ikea and you can only think about the empty big boxes you are going to transform into a pretend house, a pretend rocket or into a sort of canvas;

You get big fights with your husband cause he has accidentally thrown away some shoe, cereal or pizza boxes thinking it was rubbish! I mean what was he thinking about;


You open the cupboard and you smile at the view of 3 amazing almost empty packets of pasta in the way you would have smiled if you had found some golden necklace at the beach;

You go for a walk in the park and you come back home with your pockets full of feathers, leaves, seeds and pinecones all the freaking times;


Half of your kitchen gadgets were used for action painting activities with your kids;

If someone of your family accidentally drops  some cottonbuds, plastic straws etc. on the ground you don’t get upset cause you are going to store them for your next arts and crafts project;


You cook an extra egg cause then you can get hold of the the box and make some out of it

Your best friend is called pinterest:

If you haven’t got a clue of what I’ve just wrote about well then Congratulation you are not an arts and craft freak. If you are in my same condition now you know you are not alone!

So tell me are you an arts and crafts freak?







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  1. Postmaman ha detto:

    Eheh, una malattia divertente! 😄

    "Mi piace"


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